Friday, 10 May 2013

Mark Schulhof : Our Quadriga Art family Extends Corporate-wide Emb...

Mark Schulhof : Our Quadriga Art family Extends Corporate-wide Emb...: Employees in eight states will "March for Babies for babies” to help end birth defects New York, NY – Quadriga Art, LLC, a global dir...

Our Quadriga Art family Extends Corporate-wide Embrace to March of Dimes - Join us!

Employees in eight states will "March for Babies for babies” to help end birth defects

New York, NY – Quadriga Art, LLC, a global direct marketing company that transforms the image and bottom line of businesses and nonprofit organizations, is taking up the challenge to help eradicate birth defects in a corporate-wide commitment to “march for babies” in eight different states.

“Every baby deserves a healthy start to life, and our employees are excited about partnering with the March of Dimes to help make that happen,” said Quadriga Art Chief Executive Officer Mark Schulhof. “Quadriga and its partners share a passion and commitment for helping those in need worldwide, and we’ve made it a mission to reach out to the communities where we live and work.”

Employees of Quadriga Art and its subsidiaries are fundraising and participating in the March of Dimes March for Babies community walks in Wilton, NH, Pennsauken, NJ, New York, NY, Baltimore, MD, Akron, OH, Louisville, KY, Lynchburg, VA and Mt. Pleasant, IA .

The March of Dimes’ mission is especially personal for the Quadriga. One of its employees, International Data Management account manager Lauren Veri, was helped by the organization after she gave birth to a premature daughter suffering with Respiratory Distress Syndrome. During little Audriana’s 15 weeks in a hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), the March of Dimes worked closely with the hospital staff to provide Veri and her husband with information, patient advocacy and support.

“They even provide materials for my stepdaughter, Isabella, who is 10,” said Veri. “This helped her understand what was happening with her baby sister, and gave her some comfort in a situation that no 10-year-old truly knows how to handle.” The March of Dimes also supplied lunches for NICU parents, classes such as how to give infant massages, and even scrapbook sessions for the moms to make memory books for their babies.”

Audriana is now a happy and energetic 5-month-old whose lung issues are resolved. “Though it was a difficult time for our family, March of Dimes truly played a vital role in getting us the information that we needed to understand what was going on around us and helped make our stay at the hospital a better one,” said Veri. “We are so grateful for them and thank everyone for any support they can give such a wonderful organization.”

Schulhof and Veri shared her family’s story with Quadriga’s entire staff in an effort to encourage their participation. “We’re expecting great fundraising and turnout in every city,” said Schulhof.

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